Most of the articles in this blog are written by Cisca Natalia, a quality system specialist. Only some articles are adopted from various excellent sources. Here is a brief introduction about me.

I have experience in automotive company.  I was in charge in Quality Management System who control and manage a system for some affiliated companies by using  TS16949 method and other specific requirements.   I’m dealing with it for about 14 years.  So I have much experience with that system.

During my time, I found many companies have difficulty to understand and implement the system. They always ask some expert to help and, generally speaking, most of the experts come from overseas.  Therefore I always work to simplify the system, so everybody can learn faster.  That’s why I choose a brand name,  Simple SYSTEM with a motto “simplified the best in class system“.

To document all of these and to make all people can learn easily at any time,  I write it in this blog.  I also have my personal mission to make my world more useful for many people. I want someday, especially in Indonesia, there is a company who fully implement a quality management system and they can declare that they are growing and improving day-by-day with this quality system. Quality system is not about a certificate, but it is a system itself.

The knowledge itself will be growing and growing as it is should be. So,  if you find something useful in my blog, just share it with your friends. If you find something mistake, please inform me. I’m free for all inputs and always want to improve. Knowledge is not knowledge until you share, use and proof it. And if you already success or find something helpful from this blog, just give me a glass of avocado juice….

NOTE:  To All my readers,

If you like my articles and you want to put in your blog, please mention the source, from where you enrich your blog. I’m glad to be part of your blog development. As for thank you, just simple put the source.Thanks. 


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